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    About Us

    Here we provide a wide variety of exclusive, Shoes products. And in addition to creating our own pieces, we can create customized pieces as well. When it comes to creating these pieces, we source a lot of designs from national and international markets. Based on the designs that we source and the advice we get from our vendors, we then set about creating our designs.
    These designs are an amalgamation of our experience in this field and various different sources, such as magazines or exhibitions, anything that strikes our fancy and inspires us!
    Once our designs are finalized, we pass the designs onto our team of artisans who help bring our designs to life. But how did we get started? Being an interior designer by background, we saw that the market is flooded with just about everything but has almost nothing that an interior designer
    might want or need. To fill in this gap, we started making these one of a kind, exclusive pieces.